About ThisisExpatIndia

About ThisIsExpatIndia

ThisisExpatIndia helps make your expatriate journey into amazing adventure.

Welcome to ThisisExpatIndia! The ‘Indian-ness’ of it all….T.I.I. This stands for ‘This is India’ and it sums up perfectly the concept of a country that is beyond the statement, for anything you say, the opposite is also true! This is Expat India is here to help you past those ‘This is India’ moments and use all this insider knowledge to turn India around into a wonderful experience…

A dream destination for numerous expatriates and nomads, India is one of the most cultural and ancient civilizations on the planet. Home to enthralling customs, ancient heritage with exotic cuisines, India is a mystifying bundle of culture and chaos that fascinates even the most skeptical nomad.

ThisisExpatIndia done best to collate the best about Mumbai here in one place. This website is designed to help you if you are just arriving in India for the first time, have lived in Mumbai for a long time, or are planning on living in India and want to do some research for your new profession or about moving your family to Mumbai.

If you’re considering moving to Mumbai, ThisisExpatIndia may be just what you need. Stay connected for up to date, contained correct, unbias, and meaningful information offered on this website. We will be regularly publishing information that will be useful and interesting for nomads and expatriates around the world.