Mumbai Local Trains – Backbone of the Mumbai’s Transport

Mumbai Local Trains – Backbone of the Mumbai’s Transport

Mumbai, “the City of Dreams“, is home to all the Bollywood stars and the film industry. Mumbai is simply famous for many things. It is India’s largest city in terms of population. It acts as the financial capital of the country. Its business factors generate income to commercially support the whole country.

Traveling in Mumbai is a whole new experience for a tourist. Mumbai has so many free beaches, lots of restaurants and their famous dishes are manna from heaven for the food lover. It also has many other things that can be eye-catching for the tourists. For traveling, you must know about the most budget-friendly mode of transportation in the city.

This city’s Local trains are also very famous for some reasons. Mumbai Local trains act as a very important way to define the best characteristics or features of the city. Mumbai trains were the first railway network to be built all over in Asia. So it has special recognition.

They are the backbone of the city’s system of transport. The Railway Network is managed by Central Railways and Western Railway Zones of the Indian Rail System. Mumbai locals are always overcrowded. There are a huge number of people traveling by these local trains which are most of the time more than the actual carrying capacity of the trains.

Due to this overcrowding in the local trains, the Railway ministry started Mumbai Monorail and Mumbai Metro. Now the passengers have more options to travel across the city which will reduce the crowd in local trains.

Mumbai Local trains carry more than 7.5 million people every day which is estimated to be equal to the five-time total population of Estonia and ten times Bhutan and approximately equal to the population of Switzerland.

Facts about Mumbai Local Trains

Let us know some interesting facts about Mumbai Local Trains:
People of Mumbai cannot decide whether to feel happy about it or be sad. Mumbai Trains are the thing which you can’t live with also you can’t live without. The services of Mumbai Local trains can be very disappointing but on the other hand, everyone appreciates it because without the local train service in Mumbai it would be nearly impossible to live in Mumbai.

Historical Importance:

Mumbai’s local trains are a very important part of India’s History. The initial and original structure and the working system were built in the British period by them. On 16th April 1852, the first train was started from Thane station to the Bori Bunder stations.

Size of Network :

The size of the whole Railway Network is extremely large that is estimated to be approximately 400 km. The route of Mumbai’s rail network is very complex to understand for a normal person who goes through the same route. It has many different railway corridors.

Dependence on Mumbai Local Trains:

Due to the dependency of every person in Mumbai on local trains, it is called the lifeline of the city. Every single person in Mumbai has once traveled to Mumbai on local trains. Due to the large number of people being dependent on Mumbai local trains, runs 2300 trains across the entire railway network of Mumbai every day.

Brilliant Management:

The Railway network of Mumbai trains has around 7.5 Million people traveling through it. It is termed as the busiest railway network in the world. Trains are always crowded to the maximum extent. But the Mumbai Local Train network is very efficient in management to carry more and more people from one station to another.

24x7 Availability:

Mumbai trains do not stop. They are available for passengers day and night i.e 24×7. The trains start working very early in the morning and the Railway system shuts the trains only for an hour or two. The first train starts at Churchgate at 4:15 AM.

Corridors of Mumbai Local Train network::

The whole local train network is divided into 4 Corridors or sub-networks that are mention below:
The western line: It connects Churchgate to Dahanu Road
The central line: It connects CST to Kalyan and extends from Kasara to Khopoli.
Harbor line: It connects Andheri to CST
Trans-Harbor Line: It connects Thane to Navi Mumbai

Consistent Frequency:

Mumbai local trains provide the all best connectivity to the passengers. Every 4- 5 minutes a train comes to the station to pick passengers from every station. Any train does not take more than 5 minutes.

Seating Facilities in Locals:

The local trains in Mumbai have general compartments and ladies’ compartments. In the seat of three persons, you will find 4 to 5 persons being seated because it is very difficult to travel for long hours and keep on standing.


The Mumbai Local trains services are very up to date. Even during the time of the terrorist attacks in the city as well as trains, the Local trains were shut only for three hours. In three hours all the network was repaired and the services were quickly resumed.

Affordable Travel cost:

 Mumbai Local trains are affordable and cheap. Everybody can have access to the trains. All other cities railway network is quite expensive but in Mumbai, the travelling cost is very cheap and affordable.

Metropolitan cities are always known for their skyscrapers and malls, but Mumbai is uniquely known for Local trains and food delivery services. Mumbai has special dabbawalas, they also have their complete dependency of work on the Mumbai locals. Due to everyone’s dependency, trains are always overcrowded.

Due to these factors, many people have accidents and get killed along with the rail network. Every year, approximately 2,000 people are declared dead due to this overflowing and overcrowding of the trains.

Types of Different Train Services provided in Mumbai City

Not Every person can understand these names referred to Mumbai local trains. The trains that have a stop at all the stations are called Slow Trains. The trains which go on running skipping some of the stations are termed as Super Fast trains.

If you are getting late for the destination that you want to reach, you must travel through a Superfast train or double-fast train.

The trains that are specially made and scheduled for women to travel are called Ladies Special train. This train is specially customized for women to travel from one place to another.

If you are going to visit Mumbai anytime soon, you must know these basic facts about Mumbai local trains. This will help you understand the travel structure of the city more clearly and make your stay hassle-free and memorable.