Top 10 Tourist Attractions Near Mumbai

Top 10 Tourist Attractions Near Mumbai

Life in Mumbai, the largest metropolis in India, is electrifying, dynamic, and thoroughly enjoyable. Known as the city that never sleeps, it has a golden spirit and its residents possess a never-say-die approach to life. Mumbai has a mesmerizing effect on anyone that visits the city. The ever-swelling crowds in the city never rattle the nerves of visitors because it always has places to relax.

The city not only has urban facets and an exotic nightlife, but also numerous other attractions. However, Mumbai tourist attractions are not limited to just the locations inside the city. Numerous getaways present incredible scenic beauty and peaceful experiences near the city of Mumbai, far away from the madding crowd.  These are also great destinations for the local residents looking for weekend getaways near the city.

Top 10 Tourist Destinations near Mumbai

1. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is one of the most popular hill stations near Mumbai. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful environment with a close encounter nestled in nature. The place is famous for housing one of the very few evergreen forests in the country. During the British rule in India, Mahabaleshwar was the summer capital of erstwhile Bombay province.


This status ended after the reorganization and division of Bombay into the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. However, it continues to be a major tourist attraction as well as a great destination as a weekend getaway for Mumbai residents. The fun and enjoyment start enroute to Mahabaleshwar itself because it encompasses umpteen attractions.

Located at a distance of 263 km from Mumbai, the place has something to offer for every age group. That is why it is one of the best places for holidaying with family and friends. It is also one of the most favored Mumbai tourist attractions for distant and overseas visitors. People arriving here are fascinated with the scenic hills and lush greenery around the place. It is also ideal for various adventure activities like trekking. Visitors can also find various weekend holiday packages offered by travel agencies.

You can visit Mahabaleshwar year-round for a weekend trip or as an extension of the trip to Mumbai.  In a 3-day stay, the visitors can also visit some interesting destinations like Pratapgarh, Mapro Garden, and Venna Lake. Activities during your stay at Mahabaleshwar are trekking, mountain biking, boating, and horse-riding, water sports, fishing, and shopping. Visitors going there should book suitable accommodation in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.

2. Panchgani

Surrounded by 5 hills of the Western Ghats, Panchgani is another very favored hill station in the country. That is why it ranks high on the choices of all types of visitors and is very popular among weekend holidayers. The greatest advantage is its pleasant climate. This prompts visitors to choose this one as their weekend holidaying or standard tourism destination. 


Visitors looking forward to enjoying exotic scenes and bounties of nature find this place ideal for visiting any time. Moreover, the friendly climate remains constant throughout the year. Another great attraction for the visitors arriving in Panchgani is the breathtaking views en route. Once the traveler reaches the place, the next step is enjoying the tranquil and peaceful environment in the lap of Mother Nature. The place has everything that you look for in a hill station and it has suitable accommodations in the form of hotels and lodges catering to all pockets.

Panchagani is located at a distance of 244 km by road. Residents of Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra as well as others can avail of various holiday packages offered by reputed travel agencies in Mumbai. The best time to visit the place on a weekend trip is from October to May. Visitors may prepare a two-day trip and enjoy several other places of interest. These include River Krishna, Devil’s Kitchen Caves, the Dhom Dam, and the Table Land.

Visitors can take part in activities like trekking, paragliding, and walking among others during their stay in Panchgani. The choice of activities ranges from easy activities like walking to difficult ones like paragliding. For nature lovers, the plush green mountain background is ideal.

3. Lonavala-Khandala

Lonavala-Khandala is perhaps the most famous Mumbai tourist attraction near the city of 7 hills. This is one of the most attractive and sought after destinations for weekend holidaying. The place is not only a tourist destination but also holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Mumbai. This is also a favorite location for celebrities including Bollywood stars to enjoy leisure time and holidays. The twin hill resorts have also achieved high appreciation by visitors from distant places and overseas too.


One of the must-do parts on the visitor’s itinerary is sightseeing at Lonavala-Khandala. The spots include caves, dams, and forts among others. Providing a perfect road trip the place also effectively meets the mood of the travelers. It is considered by many as the best weekend getaway for the people of Mumbai & Pune.

The best part of it is that the place is equally attractive to all age groups and gender. Thus it is also an ideal holidaying destination to visit with family members and associates. Couples find the destination the best location for romantic getaways.

The distance of Lonavala-Khandala is 93 km from the city of Mumbai. Visitors can opt for various tour packages that help them to remain tension-free about accommodation, food and beverages, and transport. The best time to visit the place is between October to May and the ideal duration for the visit is 2-3 days.

Places of interest to be covered include Korigad Fort, Lohagad, Duke’s Nose, Tiger’s Leap, Karla & Bhaja Caves, Bedsa Cave, Bushy Dam, and the lakes in Pavna, Tungarli, and Lonavala. Major activities for visitors will be camping, trekking, and shopping.

4. Alibaug Beach

One of the best destinations for tourists as well as the people interested in enjoying their holiday at a great weekend getaway is Alibaug. It is also one of the most famous beach destinations near Mumbai. The spot is approachable by road as well as by a ferry from the Gateway of India. Visitors can enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities. Adventure seekers make a beeline to this place as and when possible.

Alibaug Beach

The ideal itinerary would be 2 days for a weekend getaway and 3 days for distant and overseas visitors. The most exciting features of Alibaug are the availability of various water sports for visitors.

Alibaug is located at a distance of 95 km from the city of Mumbai. Thus approaching the spot is easy for the weekend visitors. Visitors can opt for various tour packages offered by a trusted travel agency in Mumbai befitting their requirements and budget. The packages also include ferry travel for interested clients looking for an adventurous trip to Alibaug. The best time to visit Alibaug is from October to July. This means that people can enjoy visits for 10 months in a year.

The ideal time frame for visiting Alibaug should be 2 days because there are a host of places to visit. They include beaches at Varsoli, Akshi, Kihim, and Nagaon; historical forts at Alibaug, Hirakot, Kolaba, and Korlai; Murad Janjira, and temples of Vikram Vinayak, Kaneshwar, and Kankneshwar. Major activities for visitors are various water sports and bird watching at Phansad Sanctuary. Thus the place is ideal for family visits as it has something of interest for every member irrespective of their age or gender.

5. Kamshet

Kamshet is famous as the paragliding hub of the country. It is also strategically located at a distance of just 16 km from the twin hill stations of Lonavala-Khandala. Kamshet has numerous paragliding locations and is regularly visited by adventure lovers. The thrills and excitements offered by paragliding activities are unique and the place also boasts of several top paragliding experts who share their insights with newcomers in this field.


The climatic conditions and landscape of Kamshet are also ideal for thermal paragliding and soaring. During peak season the place is flooded with amateur and expert paragliders from different parts of the country and the world. The combination of excellent climatic conditions and the scope for indulging in adventure activities has earned it the tag of heaven for the weekend holidays for all.

Kamshet is located at a distance of 105 km from the city of Mumbai. It is approachable by road and the best time to visit is from October to May. The ideal time frame for enjoying all these can be one day in case the visitor opts for to and fro journey from Mumbai. It is also possible to camp there and enjoys 2 days itinerary prepared for a closer look at various places of interest. Such places of interest include the Kondeshwar temple, Caves at Karla, Bedsa, and Bhairi; Uksan Dam, Bhandar Dongar, and Vadivali Lake.

Major activities for visitors besides paragliding are trekking, rock climbing, boating, angling, and swimming. Thus the place offers all types of adventurous and exciting activities that can attract adults, children, women, and senior people alike. People having more time to spend can also combine the trip with the Lonavala-Khandala visit.

6. Kolad

Kolad is the ideal location to visit for adventure lovers. For weekend trips the place offers some exciting and adventurous activities. Visitors can enjoy a host of water sports on the Kundalika River passing by. While the younger ones or adults in the active age group would love the highly enjoyable river rafting, the seniors may like to view the action setting on the riverside.


Water sport is the best attraction for all types of visitors whether on a weekend trip or any other. However, that is not the only attraction in Kolad attracting visitors. The scenic beauty of the place surrounded by mountains and numerous waterfalls emerging out of them are also great attractions for the visitors. The place offers an amazing view of the gifts of nature and that is why it is one of the most amazing places to visit near Mumbai and one of the major Mumbai tourist attractions outside the city.

Kolad is located at a distance of 126 km from Mumbai. A top-quality travel agency offers various package trips for visitors who are either lone traveler, with families and friends, and especially for the weekend getaway lovers. The best time to visit Kolad on a weekend trip or others is between June to February. December is the month when the people arrive here in hordes to enjoy their weekend holidays. The ideal weekend duration for such people is 2 days. However, the people arriving here for pure tourism can keep a longer duration in mind.

Places of interest include the Kundalika River that stages river rafting, Tala, Kuda Caves, and falls at Tamhini and Kansai. Suggested activities are rafting, boating, kayaking, rappelling, hiking, and paragliding.

7. Matheran

Located at a height of 2516 feet above sea level, Matheran is one of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra and India. It is visited consistently by travelers from all parts of the country and the world. It is also especially popular among the weekend holidaying people. It is also one of the oldest hill stations located atop the Western Ghat hill ranges. The lush green background and peaceful environment are ideal for a weekend retreat. Visitors just love the peaceful interlude far from the madding and noisy crowd in the city.

The entertainment for the visitors starts with the ride on the Neral-Matheran toy train that would be a unique experience for any traveler. It would remain in the mind of a visitor as a fond memory for the rest of his or her life. It is the combination of natural beauty and exciting activities that puts Matheran in the list of amazing destinations near Mumbai.

Matheran is at a distance of only 83 km from Mumbai and such proximity makes it more suitable for a weekend holiday. Ideal packages on Matheran travel are offered by a qualitative travel agency at reasonable prices. The period for visiting Matheran is only 1 day and visitors can camp at Mumbai and complete the itinerary. The best time to visit the place is during the months between October and May when the climate is most favorable.

Places of interest in Matheran include various top points like Panorama, Malang, Heart, Luisa, Echo, and Lords; one tree hill, and Charlotte Lake. Suggested activities for visitors during a stay at Matheran are Neral-Matheran toy train ride, Valley crossing, sightseeing, horse-riding, and trekking.

8. Malshej Ghat

Few other road trips can be as exciting and entertaining as the one from Mumbai to Malshej Ghat. The breathtaking landscape viewed while traveling en route is an extraordinary experience worth having for any visitor. The highly attractive mountain pass in the Western Ghats hill range is also one of the most sought after weekend retreats near Mumbai. Bounties of nature are immense on the retreat and visitors can enjoy a wide array of flora and fauna. The place is most famous for birdlife watching as during the season time Siberian birds migrate to it and add substantially to the existing bird species.

It would be good to arrange a special package using the services of a quality travel agency for optimizing the time utilization and traveling experience. The best time to visit the place is from July to September. The climate also remains favorable from October through March. This means travelers have 9 months to plan their trip to Malshej Ghat.

Malshej Ghat is located at a distance of 154 km from the city of Mumbai. The ideal itinerary period is 2 days for the visitors trying to enjoy their weekend holidays. Other travelers with more time can also find the bird watching enjoyable besides viewing multiple specimens of flora and fauna.

Places to visit at Malshej Ghat include Shivneri Fort, Malshej Falls, Harishchandragad, and Pimpalgaon Joga Dam. Major activities in the area for the visitors include walking, trekking, bird watching, and paragliding. Young people may seek the excitement and adventure of paragliding whereas seniors may prefer walking and bird watching. This makes the retreat ideal for 2-day weekend getaways.

9. Bhandardara

One of the most sought-after weekend destinations Bhandardara is also favored by other visitors looking for a peaceful and natural environment. The lush green surroundings and picturesque scenario created by Bhandardara Lake and Randha Falls are highly appreciated by one and all. Visitors like the tranquil moments of enjoyment of bounties of nature without encountering the crowded and noisy environment of the city. That is also why the place is found ideal as a weekend retreat.


The place is ideal for weekend family holidaying as it has something for every member of different age groups and gender. Most people that have visited Bhandardara were particularly impressed with their experience of camping there. Hence it should find a place in the itinerary of every visitor to the retreat.

Bhandardara is located at a distance of 163 km from the city of Mumbai. This makes it necessary for the visitors to plan a visit covering at least 2 days best suited for a weekend holiday. To garner the best experience of the visit it would be good to consider the services of a trusted travel planner and organizer. In any case, 2 days or more is ideal for visiting and enjoying camping at Bhandardara.

There are also several interesting spots at Bhandardara. These include lakes at Bhandardara and Arthur; Randha Falls, Wilson Dam, Amriteshwar Temple, Sandhan Valley, and Agasti Rishi Ashram. Suggested activities during their stay at the place for the visitors are walking, cycling, trekking, and sightseeing. While sightseeing and walking are common to people of all age groups, trekking and cycling are activities for young and fit adults.

10. Pawna Lake

Pavana Lake that is also known as the reservoir of Pavana Dam and Pawna Lake is one of the most popular destinations near Mumbai for weekend travels. The reservoir has been converted into an artificial lake ,and it is slowly but surely becoming very popular as a picnic spot as well as a camping site. The reservoir was formed by the Pavana Dam on the river Pavana in Pune district in the state of Maharashtra.

Pawna Lake

The lake is located at a distance of 25 km from Lonavala that is another very popular tourist spot near Mumbai. Pavana dam project was launched in 1973 forming the reservoir now known as Pawana Lake. With time it became one of the popular Mumbai tourist attractions near the city. One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the lake is its proximity to Lonavala Hill station.

Pawana Lake is located at a distance of 118 km from the city of Mumbai. It is connected by Mumbai Bengaluru National Highway. A popular destination for visitors from Mumbai and Pune a 2-day visit is ideal to give the visitors the best experience. Around 4000 visitors arrive here on weekends and therefore it is necessary to properly plan the visit with the help of a trusted travel agency.

Places to visit in the area are the forts at Lohagad Vidappur, Tikona, and Tung, and other points of interest are Dinosaurs Park, Dudhiware waterfall, as well as the Prati Pandharpur. The camping industry has flourished since 2017. Major activities for visitors include water sports like pedal boating, speed boating, kayaking, adventurous activities such as the horse riding, paragliding, trekking, rappelling, zipline, valley crossing, and games like archery, dart game, cricket, football, volleyball, carom, chess, and ludo. Thus the avenues for entertainment are available for all members of a visiting party.  


Mumbai is one of the most visited places in India and visitors from all parts of the country and the world arrive here every year. Travelers arriving in the City of 7 Islands for tourism not only look for Mumbai tourist attractions but also such attractions in and around the city. On the other hand, the people of Mumbai and other parts within the state of Maharashtra look for such places near Mumbai to make full utilization of the weekend holidays. The information provided above about the top 10 amazing holiday destinations near Mumbai can help them make an informed decision about choosing the best destination for the purpose.